Saturday, September 26, 2009

Barmaid Sophie

I think just about every parent on the planet has party tricks for their kids. It's human nature. We make tiny versions of ourselves and then we make them humiliate themselves in public for our own selfish amusement. What else do you do with kids?

So Sophie's party trick is drink mixing. We think our friend Cass got her into it. Cass is an awesome swinging bachelor with a huge wraparound bar and a hot tub in his basement. Cass throws epic parties, and Sophie is invited due to her total awesomeness. On the first or second party that Sophie came to, just before she turned four, Cass propped her up on the bar, pulled out a jar of jellybeans and taught Sophie how to mix a martini. In exchange for making the martini, she got jellybeans.

She's been Sophie-the-barmaid for almost a year now, and every party, Cass ties a little personalized apron around her waist, plonks a notebook in her hand, and gets her to take orders. Then, he counts out the beans--4 for each order she took--whips out his little picture dictionary of drink mixing, and Sophie and Cass go to town. She delivers the drinks (one at a time!) on a little pink tray. People love it! This teeny precocious toddler standing there giving them drinks she made herself. Awesome. We are just the best parents EVER.

Hey...I never claimed to be good at this.

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  1. Love it. Could I maybe, like, borrow her right now? I could really use a drink!

    Rose from BBC